CMERP Safeguards Your Network Against Evolving Cyberthreats

Monitors Network Traffic to Detect Unusual Patterns of Activity and Possible Threats

Mitigates Advanced and Sophisticated Malware Infection within Network

Expedites Incident Response process

Detects Advanced Malware Threats & Malicious Incidents

Lowers the risk deployment by not disrupting existing network performance

Requires no Endpoint Installation

Prevents Spreading of Malware Infection by containing Infected Machines

Provides Comprehensive
Cyber Health Report

Reputation Protection

How Does CMERP
Protects You?

Coordinated Malware Eradication & Remediation Platform (CMERP) provides a comprehensive Malware Detection, Quarantine, and Removal solution that safeguards the Malaysian Cyberspace

CMERP Incharge collects trending Malware Information and monitors network traffic and collects suspicious malware activities. In the event of network security breach, CMERP Insight detects malicious threats.

CMERP Indefense redirects Malicious Network Traffic to be quarantined in a captive portal. CMERP Isolate quarantines and keep users refrained from accessing their network.

CMERP Infix provides Intelligent Malware Removal Tools for users to download. Once executed, the malware will be removed and the infected machine is treated. Users can now access their network safely.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Protect Your Network From Malicious Threats

Key Components


Takes in-charge of coordinating Malware Information Collection, Detection, and Analysis


Redirects malicious network traffic and prevents data breach activities within a network


Provides insight by detecting the activity of advanced and sophisticated malware within a network


Quarantines infected machines from spreading malicious infection by preventing the machines from accessing the network


Fixes the infected machine with Intelligent Malware Removal Tools

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